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Evangelism Projects (2016 Evangelism Fund)

With the purpose of enabling senior youth and young adults to live their calling to serve beyond this event, the Lake Union Conference made available $32,500 to fund evangelism projects presented by senior youth and young adults ages 16 to 35 on a first-come-first-served basis. This amount was to be matched by the local church. 

As a result, the Lake Union Conference received a total of 18 applications, of which 14 have received funding. This means 14 churches will be investing a total of $65,000 in evangelism projects led by their youth throughout 2016.

The projects that have received funding are the following:

Kelsey Duthil
Maranatha Spanish SDA Church, MI


Community Music Project
Music instruction for the local community free of charge. Performances will be during regular services, as a way of evangelism.

Adrian Paneto
Bloomington SDA Church, IN


Little 500 Alternative Project
Taking advantage of the Little 500 event at Indiana University, we will provide a Christian alternative event to pedestrians. In this way, we will invite them to our regular meetings.




Joe&Edith Asiago
Lafayette SDA Church, IN

STORM Project
The STORM Project is about outreach to the community; to identify their needs and minister accordingly. We will attract the community by: establishing drive-thru booths with free refreshments, collecting prayer and Bible Study requests, going door-to-door, and growing plants to give away with GLOW tracts.



Eliud Sicard
Waukegan Shalem SDA Church, Lake Region Conference


Ministry in Bold
An annual summer one-week youth-led evangelism program that attracts guests and invites them to connect with Christ. 


Toson Knight
Detroit Center, Lake Region Conference


Caught Up
Mentoring program that connects with young men and helps them grow academically, socially, intellectually and spiritually.




Patty Dmytriyev
Frankfort SDA Church, IN

Community Garden Project
Initiative to reach out to the at-risk community: the unemployed, drug and alcohol addicts and low-income families. We will share Christ by catering to the community’s physical needs.




Pedro Osorio & John Mwemba
Midland SDA Church, MIFLAG Camp and Community Ministry

We will offer a summer FLAG Camp to the children in our community. We will host special events on relevant dates for our community to create awareness of the SDA church in the area.



Jeff Landess
Anderson SDA Church, IN


Outreach Ministry
Share the gospel by serving the community with sack lunches, GLOW tracts, praying with the homeless, doing a Parking Lot Picnic and having Pancakes in the Park.

Josh Flahaut
Hylandale/Sparta SDA Church, WI


Bangor High School Ministry
Youth evangelistic meetings on Revelation.

Kristopher Clements
Charlotte SDA Church, MI


County Fair Outreach Ministry
Participation with a booth in community events offering prayer, literature and Bible Studies.


Flory Counsell
Village SDA Church, MILeast of These Ministries

Project that serves the homeless people of Chicago with food, clothing and hygiene items packaged with the love of Jesus.




Alex Ziesmer
Lena SDA Church, WIFLAG Camp

Summer camp for children ages 5 to 13 with activities about nature, the Bible, crafts, recreation, music and more.






Mwaka Chambwa
Cicero SDA Church, IN


Mentoring Program and 5K
We will create a Mentoring Program to connect youth with Christ. We will also organize a 5K as part of our Community Outreach program.




Awi Sian Huai Kim (Cady)
Grand Rapids Zomi SDA Church, MI
 Myanmar Community Services

Tailor-made initiative to fulfill the needs of the Burmese community. Language classes and health training will help us connect them to Christ. (www.myanmarcommunityservices.weebly.com)