Find answers to the most asked questions about the upcoming Youth Congress.

If you don't see an answer you need, please contact us at congress@lucyouth.org or call us at 269-471-8380.

1. Who can go to this event?

Youth and Young Adults from the Lake Union Area, ages 16-35. The event is ministry oriented to equip and resource the youth desiring to not just know God but live for God.

2. How much will it cost me?

This event offers four packages.
Registration Fees: The registration fee is per person. No day passes will be provided. 
$174 Quad Two-Nights Lodging now through February 2, 2016
$194 Triple Two-Nights Lodging now through February 2, 2016
$216 Double Two-Nights Lodging now through February 2, 2016
$331 Single Two-Nights Lodging now through February 2, 2016
To guarantee your place, please register ASAP. Register online or call PlusLine at (800) 732-7587. AdventSource/PlusLine will process registrations for this event through February 2, 2016. All major credit cards accepted.

See more information on registration fees here 

3. What does the registration fee include?

Full event attendance and all delegate materials and resources, two-nights lodging, breakfast, lunch and supper on Sabbath with breakfast on Sunday.

4. Where is this event taking place?

The 2016 Lake Union Conference Youth Evangelism Congress will be held at the Skokie Banquet and Conference Center, 5300 West Touhy Avenue, Skokie, IL 60077.

5. I am planning on going but I don't have a place to stay, where can I stay?

Arrangements for lodging have been made for all delegates. This will be at the Skokie Banquet and Conference Center, IL. See the above price packages and plan to register early to access the lowest delegate rates.

6. For young delegates and leaders in Chicago, can they commute?

This Congress has been strategically designed for the young delegates to connect, network and build community together in a retreat settting. The goal is for young delegates and church leadership to bond and establish deep and intimate relationships by coming and staying together at the hotel. So, we're encouraging everyone to 'come away for awhile' and take time to build a community together.

7. What will I be doing the entire weekend?

The weekend will be headlined by 8 dynamic and practical Youth Evangelism Leaders who are, in their immediate church and/or sphere of influence, engaging in evangelism whose principles can be implemented to applications in your local context. You will be surrounded by young minds fired up to move Youth Ministry forward in practical ways. You will be involved in a weekend of historic proportions! 

8. Who will be the speakers?

The speakers for the Youth Congress will be posted on our Congress Website along with their ministry emphasis. Check out the amazing things being done in evangelism by your speakers on our website!

9. Why should I go?

God desires for you to be a witness for Him. He desires for you to shine in your small corner. As a Union, we are dedicated to providing all the training and resources needed to allow for this to happen in the lives of all, especially our Youths and Young Adults. Why should you go? Heaven is invested in your salvation and in your life being a light to all, in your small corner, and beyond! "His best work is that of using you to win "everyone who believes" to Him", echoing the words of John 3:16. You are Called to Serve. Come, Be there!"

10. When and where can I register?

"When"... NOW! “Where"...HERE!...

11. How do I get there?

Are there any individuals from neighboring towns or churches attending? Prayerfully work out what is the best travel arrangements for you and join us for this epic weekend!
12. Will this be a life changing event?
Yes it will! God desires His church to grow for He is a seeking God! He desires to do this through you to reach “everyone who believes” to Him. John 3:16